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Time to get in "Shape" part 3

So today . . . we continue . . .

Unfortunately . . . conventional dieting as we know it, for years told us to eat non-fat or low fat foods, so we wouldn't put on the pounds.

And today we're being told to eat high fat and no carbohydrates

So which is it?????????

As I stated the other day . . . this dieting thing has been going on for 2300 years, and we can clearly see . . . we still don't have it right!

So today let's talk about "fat" itself . . . because we need to understand . . .

Okay . . . so there are 3 different types of fat cells in the body . . . white, brown and beige. And these fat cells can be stored in 3 different ways . . . essential, subcutaneous or visceral fat.

Now . . . "essential" fat is needed for normal physiological and biological functioning and it's found "in" the bone marrow, the brain, spinal cord, cell membrane, muscles and internal organs. This kind of fat is approximately 3% of the total body weight for men and 12% of total body weight for women.

This fat we can not live without!

Okay . . . now, "subcutaneous" fat is the "jiggly" fat visible just under the skin. And it's normally "harmless" to our health and may even protect us against some diseases.

But this is the fat that we all see, obsess about and want to so "desperately" get rid of.

And finally. . . "visceral" fat. This fat "surrounds" our organs. And though it's not visible from the outside of the body . . . it's associated with numerous diseases.

This "should be" the fat that we're all worried about and obsessing about. And believe it or not . . . you can be a thin person and still have "high" visceral fat.

So simply put . . . "essential" fat, we "can't" live without.

"Subcutaneous" fat we don't need a lot of and is basically harmless to the body, but we hate seeing the "jiggle".

And "visceral" fat can damage our organs if you retain too much.

And with that being said . . . when we try to lose weight . . . the body has a natural mechanism to try and lose the "hard fat" that "surrounds" organs like the liver and kidneys first, because this is the dangerous fat to our health. This is our "visceral" fat.

Thank you body!!!!

And the best part . . . when the body can accomplish its mission of reducing this hard fat . . . it actually makes the body leaner and stronger. And the stronger the body is . . .

the "higher" number of calories the body will burn even at "rest". Whoohoo

Next . . . the body will try to lose its soft fat, like from the waistline and thighs. This is the visible jiggly fat. The stuff we hate to see.

And remember the other day when we spoke about a "ketogenic" diet or supplements causing "insulin resistance" . . . due to restricting carbohydrates causing "acidity" and the pancreas to slow or even stop its production of the hormone "insulin"????

Well . . . "visceral fat" the dangerous fat around our organs . . . is correlated with "insulin resistance" . . . which can make it hard to lose this "visceral" fat.

So listen up people . . . This means . . . If the body becomes too "acidic" . . . you can be losing the visible "subcutaneous" fat (the jiggly fat) and be looking great on the outside . . .

BUT . . . the dangerous "visceral" fat around our organs . . . can still be lurking deep within us causing disease.

Yet, just another issue to be aware of when choosing a diet plan.

Tomorrow we'll continue this discussion.

As always, feel free to contact me here.

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