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Time to get in "Shape" - part 5

So today, let's answer some more questions.

Clients ask me all the time . . . why do I always lose weight in my face and boobs first???

Well . . . that could be for a few reasons . . . one being . . . Age is a main reason we lose weight in our face first. You see . . . during the process of aging . . . the fat in the face loses its volume and clumps up. We also have a reduction in collagen production the older that we get.

And for women . . . we have to deal with our female hormone called "estrogen", which is supposed to regulate the distribution and amount of fat on our body and face.

You see . . . when this hormone level is low . . . or starts to decline with age . . . fat can begin to thin which leads to a thinning face.

Now as for our breasts . . . if you're doing cardiovascular exercising to less weight (at any age). . . you will lose both muscle and fat from the breasts. Therefore . . . it's important that you focus on strength training which will build chest muscles. You would also have to concentrate on consuming a lot of green leafy vegetables, but that's a discussion for another day if you want to talk about building a fuller bust or keeping them perky. . . :)

So . . . unfortunately, the rule of thumb to our losing weight is this . . . we gain weight from the bottom up and we lose weight from the top down. It's not fair . . . but it's the way the human body is designed.

Why you ask???

Well . . . that would be because our midsection, butt, hips and thighs have more fat cells than our face, forearms and calves.

Tomorrow we'll talk about some ways to burn some calories.

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