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Tis' the season of "Histamine"

Spring and allergies are right around the corner. So today I thought we'd talk about what they are and how to fix them.

Okay, so first . . . what is "Histamine"? Well . . . it's a compound which is released by cells in response to injury and in allergic inflammatory reaction.

Allergies occur when the "immune system" reacts to a foreign substance - such as pollen, bee venom, dust, mold or some types of food.

So science tell us that adults usually don't lose their allergies but children may out grow them and that there is no cure for allergies.

So what really causes allergies? Well, it's the part that science doesn't tell us . . .

Okay . . . so when we have a specific type of "protein" flowing in the bloodstream, that's not supposed to be there . . . the body is on high alert, due to this "protein" being what the body perceives as a foreign substance . . . an enemy of the body!

Now . . . the body, our immune system must take action. It sends out an inflammatory response to scope out the situation, which activates our histamine production. All while our white blood cells are making "antibodies" to kill the invaders.

So as you can see . . . our body is at a heightened state of alert every day that this "protein" lingers in the bloodstream. And guess what? . . . we are totally unaware this is even happening.

Now . . . here comes an allergen like tree pollen, food, mold, dust mites, snake or insect venom, and animals, such as cats, dogs, and cockroaches and the body's reaction is now saying . . . Mayday, Mayday, Mayday . . . because it sees more threats to the body and reacts with an even greater immune response that the body can't handle. And this is what develops into allergies. The immune system can NEVER catch up with its response of inflammation and histamine!

So how do we solve this problem of over-producing inflammation and histamine. Other than taking an Anti-inflammatory or an Anti-histamine that is? Which from previous Health Tips, we know aren't good for you . . .

Well . . . the answer would be . . . Eliminate these "proteins" from the bloodstream and lower the inflammation process naturally, so it doesn't trigger an over-productive histamine response.

Problem solved!

I personally used to suffer terribly with allergies for years until I figured out what really causes the body to over produce histamine and fixed it. Now I breath free and clear come spring, summer and fall.

As always, feel free to contact me to set up a consult . . . . click here

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