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Today is a "Food for Thought" kind of day

So in my time of reconnection . . . I tried very hard not to watch the news . . . and I did pretty good.

But . . . the few times I did see it . . . it was about this "vaccine" that still seems to be at the top of conversation.

So what do we really know???

Well . . . we know that science is relentless at finding answers to life's questions. And that Aristotle was considered the first scientist who pioneered the techniques of . . .

Logic . . .

Observation . . .

Inquiry . . .

And demonstration . . ..

We also know . . . that the "smallpox" vaccine was the first vaccine to be developed against a contagious disease way back in 1796.

But it was all about trial and error because it took more than "200 years" to eradicate this disease.

The second vaccine was for "influenza A" and about 10 years later a vaccine for "influenza B" was made.

But, it wasn't until 1945 . . . nearly 3 decades later after people being infected with this virus and many dying, that the "flu vaccine" was licensed for civilian use in the U. S. That's right . . . it took 3o years to prefect a vaccine! But even with these vaccines . . . we're still battling influenza today.

Next up was the "polio" vaccine, which was available in the U.S, in 1955. And prior to this date . . . science tracked the results of this new vaccine for 1 year by volunteers to see if it would work . . . but it actually took until 1979 to eradicated in the U.S. This vaccine took 24 years to accomplish its mission. And sadly . . . as with all vaccines . . . this is all about trial and error with years of studies that must be done to figure it all out.

Now currently . . . science has stated . . . that all of the vaccines for "this" virus were thoroughly studied for potential long-term effects.

But how can that be???

How can you thoroughly study the unknown in less than a year???

Now, don't get me wrong . . . I totally believe we need science, but it just seems to me . . . we're putting an awful lot of "faith" in this new vaccine . . . too quickly.

Science takes time!

As Aristotle discovered . . . science is about "logic", "observation", "inquiry" and "demonstration".

So the question for today is this . . . with this new vaccine . . . are we the 1 year of volunteers testing this vaccine? Are we the guinea pigs for this science project?

Science took 200 years to eradicate smallpox, 30 years for the influenza (and we're still plagued with that virus today), 24 years for polo and now they say they have a vaccine for this virus in less than a year, with NO time put in for experimenting to know the outcome or the long-term side effects?

Heck . . . science has been working to find a cure for "cancer" since the 19th century, heart disease since 1768 and diabetes since 1889. I know personally that with my "terminal cancer" it was discovered in 1875 . . . that's 126 years ago and science still doesn't have a cure.

So my point is this . . . Yes, we need science . . .

And yes, they do "good things" . . .

And maybe some even need a vaccine . . .

But . . . "all good things take time"!

So the "food for thought" today is this . . .

How will the decisions of science today . . . affect our journey of tomorrow?

Have we been too quick to trust the unknown?

Or have our decisions been our saving grace?

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