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Today let's talk "BEEF"!

Okay . . . so I know, I'm dating myself . . . Do you remember this?

Well . . . the question still remain . . . but this time, for a different reason . . .

Where did the nutritional value go in the "beef" we eat today???

Well first . . . let's take a moment to discover the healthy goodness of "beef".

Beef is the culinary name for "meat" from cattle and is a good source of protein and nutrients. And meat from a younger cow (a calf) is called "veal".

Now . . . red meat is very nutritious, especially if it comes from animals that have been naturally fed and raised. It's "then" a great source of protein, iron, B12, creatine and various other nutrients.

For example . . . grass-fed beef contains -

VITAMIN B12 - which is an essential nutrient that is important for blood formation and the brain and nervous system. And animal-derived foods . . . are the "only" good dietary source of B12.

ZINC - is a mineral that is important for body growth and maintenance. And beef is very rich in zinc.

SELENIUM - is a powerful mineral that is essential for the proper functioning of the body and plays a "critical role" in "metabolism" and "thyroid function" and it helps protect the body from damage caused by "oxidative stress" and "free radicals".

IRON - is found in high amounts in beef and helps to preserve many vital functions in the body, including general energy and focus, "gastrointestinal processes", the "immune system" and the regulation of body temperature.

NIACIN - is one of the B vitamins called B3 and lowers LDL cholesterol, increases HDL cholesterol, lowers triglycerides, helps treat type 1 diabetes, boosts brain function, improves skin function and may help to reduce symptoms of "arthritis".