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"Tonsils" . . . how important are they?

Okay . . . so flu season is coming and I thought today we'd talk about the "tonsils" and what important part they play to optimal health.

The "tonsils" are part of the body's immune system because of their location at the throat and palate. They can stop germs from entering the body through the mouth or the nose and they contain a lot of white blood cells, which are responsible for killing those germs.

So we now know that the "tonsils" are an important part of the germ-fighting system of the body . . .

So let's break it down before we continue . . .

Did you know we have 3 different types of tonsils???

First . . . the Pharyngeal tonsil . . .

Okay . . . your "Adenoids" are also called "Pharyngeal tonsils" and they are a mass of lymphatic tissue that is attached to the back wall of the nasal pharynx (the upper part of the throat opening into the nasal cavity)

Next the "palatine tonsils" . . . these are the ones that we all know about. These tonsils are a pair of soft tissue mass located at the rear of the throat and each tonsil is composed of tissue similar to lymph nodes, covered by pink mucosa. And running through the mucosa of each tonsil are pits, called crypts.

And finally . . . the Lingual tonsil . . .

Now the "lingual tonsils" are a collection of lymphatic tissue located at the root of the tongue. This lymphatic tissue consists of the lymphatic nodules rich in cells of the immune system.

So you can clearly see . . . just how very important the tonsils are due to being part of the lymphatic system which helps to fight infections.

So yes . . . the "tonsils" are part of this important system I've spoken about so many times before. And without this system flushing toxins out of the body . . . illness and disease are surely to occur.