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Toxins from the Gut

Yesterday we spoke about my personal 3 day sugar cleanse. So how's everyone doing? Have you tried your own?

Today we're going to continue on with this discussion about how to stop the devastation to our body from the sugar and alcohol that we so love.

Okay . . . so now that we know there is a way to stop the craving and cleanse the body . . .

Let's talk about the toxins, especially "acetaldehyde" and "ethanol" that have now been released into the bloodstream from the "bad" bacteria we just killed with our cleanse. (If you're confused, go back and re-read the past few Health tips)

As I stated the other day . . . the body "can not" eliminate "acetaldehyde", a known CARCINOGEN from the body . . . unless we have a specific "trace mineral" in ample supply in the body.

Well . . . the good news is . . . all the nuts and green leafy vegetables I've been talking about to help stop craving and elimination of the "bad" bacteria, actually also contain this "trace mineral".

So you are not only helping to curb the cravings and aid in killing the overgrowth of "bad" bacteria . . . this way of eating helps the body eliminate the "bad" bacteria's toxic waste.

This "trace mineral" actually has the ability to "convert" acetaldehyde into another toxin that the body can easily eliminate or to energy that our cells can use.

Mission accomplished!!!

Okay . . . so what about eliminating the cravings for "alcohol"?

Well . . . believe it or not . . . "alcohol" addiction is basically the same as "sugar" addiction.

As we now know from my Health tip the other day entitled "Alcohol" vs. "Ethanol" . . .

Most of the "ethanol" in the body is broken down in the liver by an enzyme called "alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH), which transforms "ethanol" into a "TOXIC" compound called "Acetaldehyde", a known "CARCINOGEN"!

This is exactly the same thing that happen with the die off of "bad" bacteria.

Now . . . one more element to add into cleaning these toxins out of the body is this . . .

As we know . . . when a person drinks alcohol . . . the liver turns "acetaldehyde" into an acid that enters the bloodstream, which can damage membranes and possibly cause scar tissue. This can also lead to a hangover, and can result in a rapid heartbeat, a headache or an upset stomach.

Now, there's another enzyme called "aldehyde dehydrogenase" (ALDH). This specific enzyme can actually help to eliminate these alcoholic toxins from the body.

But the double edge sword is this . . . even though ALDH helps to eliminate these toxins . . .

These toxins actually damage the ALDH, so they can't do their job of elimination.

Well that sucks!

Okay . . . now the saving grace to this dilemma is . . . there's a specific "amino acid" that increases ALDH. Thank goodness.

And guess what???

Eggs just happen to be high in this amino acid. And that's just another reason this 3 day cleanse works so well.

Normally I wouldn't recommend eating eggs everyday or for that matter any same food item everyday. The body needs diversity. But in this 3 day cleanse . . . it's a must because we need this enzyme called ALDH to convert these toxins so the body can eliminate them.

So get your cleanse on today.

As always, feel free to contact me here

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