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"Turmeric" and "CoQ10" the dynamic duo!

I've spoken of "Turmeric" in previous Health Tips, but today I'd like to add this delicious little spice to the conversation we had yesterday about "CoQ10".

As we know, "Turmeric" is commonly used for conditions involving pain and "inflammation" such as osteoarthritis. It's also used for hay fever, depression, high cholesterol, preventing heart disease, Alzheimer's, cancer. and a certain type of liver disease.

"Turmeric" is a potent "anti-inflammatory" and "antioxidant".

Now . . . add "Turmeric" to the "CoQ10" we spoke of yesterday and we have a very powerful combination of defense for our body and heart.

"Turmeric" helps inhibit "inflammation". This is due to its powerful component of "curcumin". And as we know . . . "inflammation" plays a key role in heart health, optimal cellular function and cognitive support.

The "curcumin" in "turmeric" promotes the dilation of blood vessels, increasing blood flow and reducing blood pressure. This in turn . . . through its anti-inflammatory effects can lower the risk of heart attacks.

And "CoQ10" is known as the "ultimate" heart defense.

Okay . . . so there are hundreds of supplements out there that contain the two, BUT buyer beware . . .

The traditional form of "CoQ10" is termed "ubiquinone" and is difficult for the body to absorb. Which would be a waste of money and may be detrimental to your health. But consuming a "CoQ1o" with "ubiquinol" . . . this has the ability to absorb up to 8 times better. So if you're going the supplement route, just be very careful with what you purchase. And as always . . . make sure there's "NO" added filler, anticaking agents or carcinogens in them. Which as we know . . . many of them contain.

Best case scenario is to cook up some organic, grass-fed meat, wild caught fish or the veggies we spoke of yesterday and add some of that golden "turmeric".

Now you're eating healthy and protecting the heart and body.

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