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Update on my leg journey

Just went to the doctor's yesterday and my thin booboo leg is looking better!

So the "good" news is . . . the break in my leg is doing well in the healing process, but . . . not done yet . . .

I start therapy this week . . .

And I have 2 more weeks in my darn walking cast . . . :(

My knee with it's torn ligament and meniscus are doing much better also and again . . . I start therapy for that this week.

I go back in 6 weeks for hopefully my final x-ray and walking papers. So to speak.

Not that I don't love my doctor . . . but I'm just so over this part of my journey. :)

I have a deck to build, a fence to finish and paint, a garden to love, not to mention "I MISS MY HORSES". This is torcher not being able to personally take care of my fur babies. (They're afraid if I have to move fast . . . I'll reinjure something)

So stay healthy and keep positive people. :)

Thanks to "everyone" for your concern.

Love you all

Tomorrow we'll continue with "Simple" carbs.

As always, feel free to contact me here

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