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So today . . . since we've been talking about "inflammation", a "cytokine storm" and "viruses".

I thought I'd take a moment to better inform . . . because I'm always getting asked the question about "vaccines" . . . "good" or "bad"??????????

But first . . . I totally believe that we as human beings are the "keeper of our own domain". And the decisions we make in life, are what "we" feel are best for "us" and "not" for others to judge.

So . . . with that being said . . . here's the research I found to answer the questions in those "inquiring minds" . . .

Are these "vaccines" good or bad???

Alright . . . so as we know . . . "vaccines" are made up of whole bacteria or viruses or even parts of them that are often a protein or SUGAR!

And the CDC states . . . "when you get vaccinated, the immune system makes protective antibodies that fight viruses or bacteria to keep the body from getting sick if exposed to a pathogen in the future. Therefore . . . vaccines "train" the immune system to attack the virus or bacteria".

Also in researching the CDC website . . . they listed ingredient examples that are in "vaccines" . . . which I did my own research on them also

So here we go . . . vaccines contain . . .

THIMEROSAL - is used as a preservative to prevent contamination (this contains MERCURY)

Now when "I" researched "thimerosal" . . . this is what I found . . . In 1999, the FDA was required by law to asses the amount of mercury in all the products the agency oversees, including "vaccines". And the U.S. Public Health Service decided that as much mercury as possible should be removed from vaccines and since "thimerosal" was the only source of mercury . . . they recommended "removing" thimerosal from "vaccines" completely.