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Vaginal Dryness - what can help!

Okay ladies . . . today we continue with the conversation of a changing body.

As we stated yesterday . . . vaginal dryness is a common symptom of menopause.

But we can have vaginal dryness for other reasons also. Even when we're young.

And causes can range from physiological factors such as hormonal changes or medication side effects - to - emotional and psychological issues such as lack of desire or anxiety.

Some other causes of vaginal dryness can be stress, birth control, antihistamines, childbirth, breastfeeding and even dehydration. (DRINK MORE WATER)

And with this . . . vaginal lubrication is often closely tied to levels of the hormone estrogen which changes at various life stages for women.

So what can help with this discomfort???

Well . . . there are certain vitamins like vitamin A, B, D and E that can help to "increase" natural female lubrication. Also fish oil (omega 3s) and DHEA.

And if you're looking for food to eat that can help with vaginal lubrication . . .

That would be . . . sweet potatoes, apples, dark leafy greens, avocados and the food we spoke of the other day . . .


That's right . . . good old cranberries!!!

So when it comes to "PURE unsweetened cranberries" juice . . . not only are you helping to detour a UTI . . . you're also helping to lube it up girls.

Eating fresh cranberries or drinking pure unsweetened cranberry, which are full of antioxidants and acidic compounds, can fight against the bacteria that can also affect how dry or wet we become.

So what else can help keep us feeling comfortable and moisturized on a daily basic and/or in moments of passion???

Well . . . conventional medicine tells us that lubricants are the answer.

And . . . maybe rightly so . . .

But . . . are they safe???

Tomorrow we'll discover the real hidden elements in the vaginal lubricants we love so much.

And then . . . I'll tell you which one is safe to use.

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