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"Valentine's Day"

So I'd just like to wish you all a very Happy Valentine's Day.

I was going to blog today about some cool trivia for this romantic holiday.

But . . . that's not happening . . .

Yesterday about 4:00, I went out to feed my horses. Nothing different . . . same thing I do everyday.

But . . . this time when I finished taking care of my babies . . . I stepped out of the barn and slipped on some ice.

When I fell . . . my leg went underneath me and I landed on it.

And yes . . . you guessed right . . .

I broke my leg . . .

I got up and hobbled my way along the barn to my fence and up the laneway to my driveway and then crawled to my house.

Unfortunately . . . no one was home at that time and I had to call my husband at work an hour away.

Oh man . . . and yes . . . I have to practice patience. Thank you Lord!

About an hour and a half later I was at the hospital. They took x-rays to confirm I broke it. Put me in a temp splint and sent me home.

Now I have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to get a cast due to it being Sunday and tomorrow a holiday.

So I'm going to take a few day off until I get my leg set in a cast because right now "Pain" is the word for today . . . not to mention I'm in bed.

So hang tight . . . my "GET IN SHAPE" series is coming soon.

And have a great day spending time with your sweeties.

Love you guys :)

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