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"Variants" - what's it all about?

Okay . . . so since we've been talking about "inflammation" . . . and the other day we spoke about a "cytokine storm" and how it affects this "virus" . . .

I thought we'd take today and discover a little more . . .

So what does science know???

Well . . . they're telling us that many "new variants" should be expected from this "virus".

And that we're not over this "yet" . . . and with this . . . they're predicting that this "virus" and its "variants" with be just like getting the "flu" every year.

Why you ask???

Well . . . science states . . . this "virus", like others . . . constantly change through "mutation".

With some mutations resulting in a new variant of the virus that will effect us negatively . . . while others will emerge and disappear.

And unfortunately . . . the CDC already has 10 variants from this "virus" that they are monitoring.


And with that being said . . . we need to "arm ourselves" against these invaders of the body.

Now . . . the CDC states . . . the vaccines we are taking for this virus . . . do not directly put us at a greater risk for a "cytokine storm" . . . meaning even more "inflammation" than we already have . . . but . . . there is a "risk" that a "flare-up" may occur.


Well . . . they also state . . . that it's been observed that people living with autoimmune and "inflammatory conditions" . . . are at a "higher" risk of experiencing "severe" symptoms from this "viral" infection.

And with this . . . widespread and long-term "inflammation" during this "viral" infection . . . may cause the immune system to produce antibodies to pieces of the "virus" it wouldn't normally recognize . . . and . . . some of those pieces might resemble human proteins enough to trigger the production of "autoantibodies.

Not good!

Because an antibody made against substances formed by a person's "own" body can directly "destroy" cells that have the substances on them or can make it easier for other white blood cells to destroy them.

And with this . . . some autoimmune diseases are "caused" by "autoantibodies".

So in conclusion . . . many "C____-__" viral complications may be caused by a "cytokine storm". This is due to the infection triggering the immune system to flood the bloodstream with "inflammatory" proteins called "cytokines" which can kill tissue and damage our organs.

So moral to this story . . . WE MUST REDUCE THE "INFLAMMATION" IN OUR BODY SO WE "DON'T" HAVE A "CYTOKINE STORM". Therefore . . . we have a lessor chance of getting this "virus" or others.

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