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"Visceral fat"

So the question for today is this . . . what is "visceral" body fat and why is it so "dangerous"???

Now . . . yesterday we spoke about "subcutaneous" fat being the fat that we can see, just under the surface of our skin. You know the "jiggly" fat.

We also discovered that "subcutaneous" fat is "harmless" but . . . "hard" to get rid of.

Okay . . . so what about "visceral" fat???

Well . . . "visceral" fat also known as the "hidden" fat . . . is stored deep inside the belly and is wrapped around our organs. And it makes up about . . . 1/10 of all the fat stored in the body . . . with the rest being the "subcutaneous" fat we spoke of yesterday.

Now . . . why is it so dangerous???

Well . . . due to this type of fat being found deep inside the stomach under the abdominal muscles and around vital organs . . . it's linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, certain cancers and stroke.

But . . . the "good" news is . . . because of its proximity to the liver and kidney's . . . "visceral" fat is usually the easier fat to burn. Now . . . the body also has an automatic protocol for weight loss. Thank goodness!

And when we get into "diet mode" . . . the body will first try to lose the "hard" visceral fat that surrounds the organs and then you can start to lose the "soft" subcutaneous fat like from the waistline and the thighs.

But . . . with that being said . . . if the body is having a difficult time reducing "visceral" fat . . . this would be due to . . . "insulin resistance".

You see . . . carrying a high amount of "visceral fat" can lead to "glucose intolerance" and "type 2 diabetes".

And why is that???

Well . . . "visceral fat" secretes a protein which increases "resistance" to the hormone "insulin".

And this now becomes an issue for our weight management and optimal health.

Okay . . . so tomorrow, I'd like to take a moment and talk about my "Labor of Love".

Then we'll continue with another elements to correcting the body's "internal dialogue", dieting, inflammation, and burning the calories.

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