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Water and "Inflammation" - What's the connection?

Okay . . . so yesterday I spoke about one of the easiest ways to calm the "inflammation" fire in the body . . . was to drink more "water" and stay "hydrated".

Well today . . . let's dig a little deeper and discover why . . .

So let me ask you this . . . Did you know that the brain is composed of 75% water???

Right there . . . drinking more water is a plus . . . because we all want to think a little clearer and maybe be a little "smarter". I know I do . . .

Another little unknown fact about drinking water is this . . .

Did you know that the amount of water we drink . . . regulates our POOP???

You see . . . the large intestine or colon . . . needs water to eliminate our waste and toxins from the body.

And if the body is "dehydrated" . . . we can't eliminate correctly.

Okay . . . so maybe you knew that . . .

But . . . did you know why???

Well . . . if the body is well "hydrated" . . . then some of that water is what flushes our stool from the body. This is how it's supposed to work

But if we're "dehydrated" . . . the intestines don't have enough water to flush our waste . . . therefore . . . the intestines pull water from other parts of the body to accomplish their mission.

And with this . . . either they pull too much water to the intestines and you now have diarrhea . . .

Or they can't find adequate water throughout the body and you now become constipated.

So either way . . . we need to drink more water PEOPLE so this doesn't happen!!!

Okay . . . so where does this inflammation come into play?

Well . . . water must be continuously replaced in the body. And soft drinks, coffee and other highly acidic fluids don't count as liquid for the body to survive.

And without ample water intake . . . we can't maintain optimum health and the body can't reduce the risk of inflammatory disorders such as arthritis and anxiety.

You see . . . "hydration" helps the body fight inflammation by "flushing" out those toxins. It can also help keep joints well lubricated and prevent a gout attack.

Now . . . most of the water in the body is stored in connective tissue like tendons, ligaments and joints.

And when the body is "dehydrated" . . . (let's use the intestines for an example) . . . and the intestines need water for a normal poop . . . and it's not there . . . the body looks for water in other areas . . . like in the storage areas in our joints.

Now . . . when this happens . . . the lack of water in the joints stops the body from being able to eliminate the toxins from that joint and BOOM . . . "dehydration" has now fueled pain and inflammation in that joint.

Okay . . . so how much water do we need to drink per day to combat "inflammation"???

Well . . . we would want to work our way up to 8 - 8 ounce glasses of water per day.

And tomorrow, we'll continue with what foods to eat for "inflammation" control.

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