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We're moving right along with the "Party" preparations


All the walls and roof are completed on the "haunted house" . . .

The inside is almost fully decorated . . .

Nope, nope, nope . . . NO PEEKING YET . . .

Skipper the skeleton is waiting for the witch's cauldron to be fired up . . .

My house has been condemned . . .

Preparing the menu is coming along quite nicely with . . .

Hot apple cider

Zombie punch

Pumpkin deviled eggs

Finger crab and bacon rolls

Mummy hot dogs

Pumpkin face hamburgers

Ghost chicken nuggets

Garlic bread Meatball Bombs

And for dessert . . .

Ghost brownies

Pumpkin patch brownies

Oreo Reese's bats

Scary donut faces

Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

Skeleton cupcakes

Spider cupcakes

Graveyard cupcakes

and Ghost cupcakes

Not to mention spooky cotton candy and popcorn.

And best part . . . Wanda the Witch came to visit and help me.

I also made "October BIRTHDAY cupcakes" for a party this past weekend.

So get your Halloween Groove on PEOPLE . . . because tomorrow we'll be talking about ALL the "candy" . . . that's "CALLING OUT YOUR NAME" . . . and the price we will pay . . . for giving into that "guilty pleasure"!

As always, feel free to DM or contact me at: miracle

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