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Week 1 "Meal Plan"

Updated: May 12, 2021

Okay . . . So today I'm offering you my Week 1 compliant "meal plan" download for getting the body back in shape.

It's all about eating compliant foods, eating in the "nutrient timing" we spoke of . . . and eating in a "nutrient pattern" to correct the body's "internal dialogue", which in turn . . . will jump start the body into "burning calories efficiently".

This is "my" program for my first week of getting my life and health back on track.

You see . . . compliant eating isn't just about eating "compliant foods" . . . it's also about the manner in which we eat them.

And that's why I've spent the past several weeks giving you that information.

It's about "retraining" the body to function correctly to fix its "internal dialogue". And with this . . . the body can burn the extra calories and fat it needs to lose weight "naturally" without the struggle of dieting and starving.

And if you follow this way of thinking . . . it only takes about 30 days to correct that "internal dialogue" for not only weight control but obtaining the start to optimal health.

So week 1 . . . is about "retraining" the body to look for the NEED of "compliant" foods instead of looking for the WANTS of unhealthy food.

Week 2 . . . is about continuing this process . . . but . . . adding in "reward" foods . . . why??? . . because we deserve it.

Week 3 . . . is about "reminding" the body that you're in charge of "you" . . . not the miscommunication to weight loss hormones from bad food choices.

And week 4 . . . is again . . . about "rewarding" the body, mind and soul for good behavior.

This is a "nutrient pattern".

The other element that we spoke of that determines whether we win or lose in this battle of the budge . . . is the "nutrient timing"

And with this . . . there are certain times of the day that we should eat certain nutrients.

Meaning . . .

Breakfast - proteins, fatty acids and "compliant" simple carbs

Lunch - proteins, fatty acids and "compliant" simple carbs

Dinner - proteins, fatty acids, "compliant" simple carbs and "compliant" complex carbs

So if you're interested in "my" first week's food plan. . . just click the link below to order your download today.

This download is "60 pages" of a full weeks worth of my meals, snacks and drinks in "detail" with ingredients and listed calorie counts for easy calorie control. It also has my secret food products and brands (with links) and what supplements I take to make this journey a walk in the park. It also contains my exercise regiment for burning the fat and replacing it with oxygen rich muscles.

So as I stated yesterday . . . I do understand that getting control of the body's diet is mind boggling . . .

And with dieting . . . we have this battle going on all the time of . . .

"what" do I eat,

"when" do I eat it,

"how" do I prepare it

And "what" brands are best . . .

It's tiring just thinking about it . . . so who the heck wants to actually do it???

I do get that it's confusing and discouraging . . . and this is why I decided to make this download to simplify life for better understanding.

All "you" have to do, is go to the calories count food list, make your own shopping list and go to your local store to buy your groceries. Then follow each of my day's food plan and start to "retrain" the body's "internal dialogue".

Simply as that . . .

You see . . . I'm just like the rest of the world . . .

If I don't have a plan to follow to get back into shape . . .

It just ain't gonna happen! :)

So if you choose to join me on my journey . . . then jump on board and download my 60 page week 1 "Meal Plan" . . . and let's do this together.

NOW . . . because you're a faithful follower of my journey to optimal health . . .

I'm offering you a 50% discount with the code: COMPLIANT when you purchase my download.

This offer is only good until May 27, 2021 for "week 1 meal plan". It will then go back to its regular price of $29.95

Week 2, 3, and 4 Meal plans will be posted shortly . . . again at a discounted price for you.

I'll be setting up a private support group to help and walk you through our journey.

Make sure you use the code: COMPLIANT to get 50% off.

As always, feel free to DM or contact me with any question at

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