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Week 2 "Meal Plan"

Mediterranean egg breakfast muffin

Ginger, Pear, Green Smoothie

Almond butter, Hemp seed cookies

Ceylon Cinnamon Cookies

Wild-caught salmon with zucchini

Lamb with Basmati

Week 2 "Meal Plan" is about adding in some fun. This is a "REWARD" week for the body.

As you can see we've adding in some yummy homemade compliant snacks.

All of them being sugar free, NOT even any stevia or alcohol sugar as most of the market (so called healthy) snacks contain, but still listed as "sugar-free". My yummy little treats have No artificial flavoring or sweeteners . . . just the real sweetness from organic "yacon" root.

And with this Week 2 "Meal Plan" . . . you'll receive . . .

7 days of new breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas

7 new homemade snacks . . .

And "20 complete recipes"

So don't miss out on Week 2 for just $10. Click this link to order today . . .

Week 3 and 4 will be available shortly.

As always, feel free to DM or contact me at:

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