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What are "Enzymes" - and why do we need them?

Today we talk about "enzymes" and their importance to optimal health.

Now . . . I'm sure you've all heard of them before . . . but today let's better understand . . .

First question . . . what exactly is an "enzyme"???

Well . . . an "enzyme" is a substance that acts as a catalyst in living organism that regulates the rate at which chemical reactions proceed.

"Enzymes" are proteins comprised of "amino acids" linked together in one or more chains.

And a good example would be . . .

"Enzymes" help speed up our metabolism. While building some substances and breaking down other.

All living things have them and our body naturally produces them.

We also get them from manufactured products like supplements and the food we eat.

And "enzyme" activity in the body can be affected by a variety of factors like temperature and body pH balance.

Next question . . . what is their function in the body???

Well . . . as I said above . . . "enzymes" help speed up our metabolism . . . but they're also essential for respiration, digesting food, muscles and nerve function, growth, blood coagulation, healing, diseases and breathing and reproduction, just to mention a few more activities.

Now . . . when we're trying to correct the body's "internal dialogue", reduce "inflammation" or control our eating to lose weight . . . one of the biggest factors to a suffering body is "lack of proper enzymes".

Okay . . . so how can we tell if we're "lacking" in these important "enzymes"???

Well . . . some symptoms would be . . . lack of muscle coordination, brain degeneration, learning problems, loss of muscle tone, increased sensitivity to touch, spasticity, feeding and swallowing difficulties, slurred speech and an enlarged liver and/or spleen.

And tomorrow, we'll continue with this need to know information for optimal health.

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