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What do we really know about "Laxatives"?

Okay . . . so how many times have you had to take a "laxative" for a minor constipation problem? Or are you someone that takes them on a regular basis, just to go poop?

Either way . . . let's take today to explore the consequences of this action.

Simply said . . . "Laxatives" are substances (natural or synthetic) people use to help stimulate bowel movements or loosen up stool to ease the passage.

And unfortunately . . . they are even used as a weight loss method. Which normally, long-term use only damaging the bowel!

"Laxatives" work by "artificially" stimulating or "irritating" the nerves in the large intestine. This stimulation makes the intestinal muscles contract and move the stool out of the body. But when used for too long or at too high of a quantity . . . "laxatives" can damage the nerves in the large intestine (colon). And "decrease" the colon's natural ability to contract on its own, which can worsen constipation or cause the colon to rely on a stimulant to poop. NOT GOOD!

Okay . . . so what really happens when we take a laxative?

Well . . . first and foremost . . . "laxatives" remove everything from the large intestine. I mean "everything"!

How many times have I said that the body "can not" function properly without our "good" bacteria because that is our defense system and immune system. Well . . . "laxatives" get rid of and/or "deplete" our "good" bacteria also.

And one of the reasons we are constipation in the first place is "lack of good bacteria".

Do you see the problem with this???

We will never be able to stop taking them due to this vicious cycle.

Another issue is . . . laxatives cause dehydration, mineral deficiencies and electrolyte imbalance, which I've mentioned in several other Health tips.

So what's the solution to this problem of not "Pooping"??

Well . . . that would be . . .

"Water and fiber". As I've stated in many other Health Tips . . . it is "imperative" that we keep our body "hydrated". Since constipation is related to "dehydration" of the colon, you need to make sure you're drinking lots of water.

WHY? . . . the body needs ample water to function properly. Now, if you're not drinking enough water and the body is depleted . . . you become dehydrated . . .

At this time . . . the body is searching for the water that it need to stay hydrated . . . and where do you think it finds some???

You got it . . . in the colon. So when the body is well "hydrated" . . . it will take "less" water from the colon, which will keep stool soft and easy to pass.

So drink more water if you're constipated.

And what about fiber?

I'm sure you've heard many times before . . . to get rid of constipation . . . just drink prune juice.

Well . . . the reason for this is simple . . .

Prunes are high in "insoluble" fiber as well as the natural laxative called "sorbitol".

And studies suggest that drinking 125 milliliters (about half a cup), twice a day works as an effective laxative. And if you like eating them . . . it's approximately 10 whole prunes each day.

That's just one example . . . to really understand how fiber helps to correct constipation and diarrhea, we'll need to talk more.

So tomorrow we talk "Fiber"

As always, feel free to contact me here

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