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What happens if we're "Protease" deficient?

So yesterday . . . we spoke a little about the "digestive enzyme" called "protease" helping us with our "weight loss" efforts.

BUT . . . what happens to the body and our "digestion" . . . if we become "protease" deficient???

Well . . . this could cause things like . . . anxiety and insomnia

It can also cause an "increase" in . . . "blood pressure"

And what are some of the "symptoms" of an "enzyme deficiency"???

Well . . . that would be . . .

Belly pain or cramping


Calcium deficiency



Dry skin rashes

Fungal infections



Hearing loss


Mood swings

Oily stools

And tooth decay

Okay . . . so I guess the next question would be . . . how do we become "deficient" in the first place???

Well . . . although the body should "make" an ample supply of this "enzyme" . . . some of us can still be "deficient".

And this is normally due to a disorder of the "pancreas" . . . most commonly . . . "pancreatic insufficiency".

Therefore . . this "deficiency" can happen due to diabetes, pancreatic cancer, cystic fibrosis or chronic pancreatitis . . . which is "long-term" inflammation of the pancreas"

And why does this happen???

Well . . . that would be due to this Western Diet we love so much . . . and all the "sugar", "processed foods" . . . and "ALCOHOL" we consume!!!!

You see . . . with a "SUFFICENT" amount in the body . . . this little "enzyme" not only has the ability to break down and digest "proteins" made by animals, plants, fungi and bacteria (we'll talk more about that later) . . . it can also aid in the absorption of amino acids, boost immune function, promote cardiovascular health, accelerate tissue repair and possibly prevent colon cancer.

This little "enzyme" in sufficient amounts . . . can even "digest" plaques in blood vessels with atherosclerosis . . . and is a POTENT "anti-inflammatory".

So adding a little "protease" to our diet . . . may be just what we need to "lose some weight" and become a little healthier

But . . . as always, please check with your own healthcare provider before taking any new regiment.

Okay . . . so what foods are high in "protease"???

Well . . . that would be . . .






Pineapple . . . which pineapple being the HIGHEST AMOUNT

And Sauerkraut

Okay . . . so tomorrow let's talk about what "protease" can do to "viruses" and my "mold" issue

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