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What is a "Cytokine Storms"? - continued

So today . . . let's continue . . .

Yesterday we discovered what "cytokines" are . . .

And today we'll learn about a "cytokine storm" and why the body allows these "proinflammatory" cytokines to run amuck in the first place.

Okay . . . so as we now know . . . "cytokines" can be a "good" or "bad" thing in the body. And they're the body's first line of defense, which produces the "inflammation" that can either help the body to heal . . . or cause disease to become worse.

And if "too" many cytokines of a specific type are allowed in the body. . . it can cause a "cytokine storm".

So the questions for today are this . . . how does this happen??? How does the body accumulate these "proinflammatory" cytokines??? And how do we know if we have them???

Well . . . those are good questions . . . and there are 4 main signs of this "silent" killer of "inflammation".

BRAIN FOG - when the brain is inflamed with inflammation . . . it can cause memory and recall failure. So next time you think just because you can't remember something it's age creeping up on you . . . think again . . . it's just too many cytokines causing inflammation and a fog in the brain.

MOOD ISSUES - inflammation in the brain can also cause neurotransmitter "imbalance", which can cause anxiety, depression, anxiousness, sadness, etc.

And if severe enough . . . individuals who have an increase in inflammation during midlife . . . that maintain it into late life . . . have greater abnormalities in the brain, ultimately affecting cognitive function and leading to dementia. And this inflammation plays a major role in the onset and progression of Alzheimer's diseases.

HEART DISEASE - high levels of inflammatory "markers" increase the risk of heart disease. This is inflammation in the blood vessels.