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What is a VIRUS

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Okay, so new season, new world . . . let's take control and get educated! So let's start at the beginning!

What is a virus? Well, it's nothing but a single cell microorganism that's a microscopic piece of genetic material surrounded by a shell made of protein!

It "can't" function without interacting with a host's living cell (like a human, animal, bird, etc.) That's why it "can't" live on any surface for any length of time. IT NEEDS A LIVING CELL - TO LIVE ITSELF! Viruses "do not" have their own immune system, brain or mitochondria (which is a cell's process of respiration and energy production). So as its own identity, it's really very medieval.

Now . . . when this virus enters healthy cells of the host (that's now us), they "hijack" that healthy cell creating copies of themselves (the virus) on that healthy cell. When they begin replicating inside a living organism (the host, like us), they can cause an infectious disease.

Got it? when you break it down . . . it becomes simple to understand! And understanding eliminates "FEAR"!

Okay . . . so this virus is a "Respiratory" virus that enters through the respiratory tract - primarily the nose, but can enter through the mouth as well. Okay people, I need to make you aware of something . . . This is a "RESPIRATORY" virus . . . it has to enter your body through the nose or mouth!!!!!! So if you're out there shopping, working, etc. - and wearing gloves with NO MASK . . . you are defeating the purpose!!!!! This virus can't live for any length of time on surfaces. So wear a mask and wash, wash, wash your hands. And stop putting your hands in your mouth or fingers in your nose.

Now, once this virus is inside the body it begins to infect healthy cells in the lining of the lungs because as I said this is a "respiratory" virus and the lungs are its "ultimate target"! This causes the lining of the lungs to thicken with mucus. Which essentially chokes off the little air pockets in the lungs.. This is where this virus can cause "Pneumonia"!

These little air pockets are what we need to get oxygen to our blood. Restricting oxygen to the bloodstream deprives other major organs of oxygen including the brain, liver and kidneys, with our liver and kidneys being our elimination system for toxins . . . meaning this virus for one,

So . . . Why do some people get this virus and some not? Well, if your immune system is working correctly - it should kill the virus. That's why our body makes Antibodies! But if our immune system is not working correctly - this battle can cause problems such as inflammation, fever and excess mucus which this virus loves. So, let's now talk about how our body is supposed to work to control this invader?

Antibodies are blood proteins produced in response to specific antigens. Antibodies recognize and latch onto antigens like VIRUSES in order to remove them from the body.

So let's break it down some more.

PATHOGENS are the enemy. They're the invaders, like bacteria, fungus and VIRUSES!

ANTIGENS are the protein found on the surface of the pathogen (the bad guy). Now Antigens are the shell that protects the pathogen. It's kind of like a suit of armor or a shell on a turtle. And that's why it's so hard to kill the pathogen (the bad guy). Each antigen is specific to each pathogen. For example . . . Virus A has a A antigen protein on its surface protecting that pathogen bad guy. And Virus B has a B protein on its surface protecting it. That's why what antidote that's used on Virus A, will not work on Virus B!

Got it?

Okay, so ANTIBODIES (our good guys) are a blood protein produced in the body in response to and counteracting a specific antigen (the bad guy's shell). Antibodies combine chemically with substances which the body recognizes as Alien, such as this VIRUS.

So let's go over this again.

PATHOGENS are the bad guys like this virus

ANTIGENS are the bad guys (this virus) protective suit of armor

ANTIBODIES are OUR GOOD GUYS that attack the bad guys (the virus)

When the immune system comes into contact with a pathogen (the bad guy), it triggers an immune response like a fever or inflammation. The immune system releases antibodies (our good guys) which attack to the antigens (the protein shell of the bad guy) and copies it. Now our antibodies (our good guys) are distributed in the millions throughout the body, all with the same information that was copied about the original antigen and its pathogen. And now it becomes a SEARCH AND DESTROY mission.

Hope that explains who we're dealing with. So tomorrow we'll talk more about our Antibodies.

If you need more information, feel free to contact me here

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