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What is an "Anti-inflammatory" Diet?

So yesterday, we spoke about one of my favorite ways to start my day.

And that was with my "anti-inflammatory" breakfast drink.

So today . . . let's talk about "inflammation" . . . the "silent killer" . . .

Now . . . what exactly is "inflammation" and how does it affect the body???

Well . . . "inflammation" is a process by which the body's white blood cells "protect" us from "infections" from outside and/or inside the body. And these invaders that infect us can be bacterial, fungal and/or viral.

So what are the main causes of "inflammation" you ask???

Well . . . science says . . . the most common reasons for "chronic inflammation" are . . . "autoimmune disorders" like lupus, where the body attacks healthy tissue or . . . from exposure to "toxins" like pollution or industrial chemicals.

And the signs of too much "inflammation" in the body would be . . . redness, swelling, heat, pain and loss of function.

But . . . that's just what we see and feel on the outside.

What about what's lurking deep within us . . . that we can't see or feel???

Well . . . first let's discuss the different kinds of "inflammation" so we better understand.

You see . . . we actually need "inflammation" in the body because it's essential to our healing system.

But . . . when there's too much "inflammation" in the body at any given time . . . this becomes a problem for our health and healing process.

Now . . . once "inflammation" becomes overwhelming in the body . . . it now becomes either "acute" or "chronic" inflammation.

And the one that we see and feel is "acute" inflammation. It's the redness, warmth, swelling and the pain we feel around our tissue and joints.

And as I said above . . . when there's an injury to the body . . . the immune system sends out white blood cells to protect that area.

This is how the body fights infections and helps speed up recovery.

We need this kind of "inflammation" . . .

But . . . when "inflammation" stays in the body too long and is too high . . . this now becomes "chronic" inflammation. And the body now is supplied with too many white blood cells . . .

And with this . . . the body now thinks these white blood cells are the enemy and attacks them.

And if that's not bad enough . . . when this happens . . . our white blood cells also attack nearby healthy tissue and organs.

Okay . . . so how does this affect our weight loss issues???

Well . . . if the body is overweight and it has a high level of "visceral fat", which is the dangerous fat that surrounds our organs . . . this causes "inflammation" and the immune system sees those cells as a threat and attacks them with white blood cells.

And this now becomes . . . constant "chronic inflammation" in the body that causes heart disease, cancer, arthritis, bowel diseases, diabetes and weight issues.

Okay . . . so we've spoken about injury to the body causing "acute inflammation" and constant inflammation causing "chronic inflammation" . . . but what about the food we eat that also causes an "inflammatory" response?

Well . . . tomorrow we'll talk about what are the worst inflammatory foods and why.

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