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What is causing the "Emotional" stress in the world?

As we look around us, what do we see? Anger, distrust, conflict. sadness, despair?

Yesterday I spoke about ADHD and how this illness offers hyperactive, impulsive behaviors and lack of self-control. . . . Is there a connection?

We are all uniquely individual human beings that are on this planet for just a blink of the eye . . . and in that time span . . . we are blessed with the opportunity to have the right to our own thoughts, opinions, wishes and dreams.

But the facts of the matter are this . . . whether we like it or not . . . even with being as unique and individual as we all are . . . we are all "still one" . . . we're all made of flesh and bone and have blood that pumps through our veins. We all have the same basic emotional feeling of love, compassion, fear, anger, sorrow, anxiety, frustration, depression and it "all" involves the understanding, empathy and support of "one person for another".

So when it comes down to the disarray in the world right now . . . we are really all brothers and sisters because we are "all" human beings. And until that day changes when we are no longer part of the human race on this planet . . . we must all learn to co-exist.

If you look at any other species that we share this great planet with. There is no other existing form of life on this earth that "hates itself" more than us.

So why is that? . . . Do we all just have "ADHD" or is it something else?

The Science of People states: Have you ever heard the cliche, "no bond is stronger than two people who hate the same cause?" Research has found that people form stronger bonds when they are able to talk about their 'dislike" toward someone, than when they both have "positive" feelings toward someone.

They go on to say . . . that the "fiery" emotion fuels "hatred". People want a "scapegoat"! When people struggle, whether it's problems at work, low self-esteem, conflict in a relationship, a pandemic or even a quarantine, it feels much better to funnel their negative energy into blaming someone else, than to "confront" their "own" role in their problems. A lot of people join hate groups because it allows them to funnel the blame for all of their own problems into another group of people. All while being supported by that group who shares their beliefs and makes them feel like they "belong".

I believe "emotional stress" is all about "VALIDATION" . . . We are a society and human race that feels we need to be "validated" in times of "vulnerability"!

The Science of People also says that . . . many people join hate groups because it fills their need for "friendship" and "belonging". If people share negative opinions, it opens the ability for people to form "connections".

Hatred defines social lines - As a Human race we need and desire "structure" and "certainty" in our social lives. Meaning we need to become part of the in-group or the out-group.

You see . . . .hatred can be an expression of "vulnerability". Many people view vulnerability as being weak and inadequate. When people hate together, they feel they can share their authentic and unfiltered feeling without feeling they are being judged for their vulnerability. Which makes them feel "empowered"!

So how do we fix this need for "structure" and "certainty", the feeling of being "weak", "inadequate", "vulnerable" and the need for "empowerment" in our life? Well . . . to be honest, I don't have an answer to that question. Other than to spread the empowerment of "Positive thinking"!

As the saying goes about "Life" . . . what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny in matters compared to what lies within us.

So let's let our "validation" be one of "positive empowerment"! Not hatred and destruction!

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