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What is "HISTAMINE"???

Okay people . . . so LISTEN UP . . . because this is a "BIGGIE" and an "important" week . . .

This information we're about to discuss . . . may just , , ,


This week . . . we'll talk about "HISTAMINE" and how it can affect our body.

So the first question for today is this . . . do you have???

Abdominal pain Acid reflux

Anxiety Asthma

Bladder irritation Bloating

Blood clots Brain fog

Constipation Diarrhea

Dizziness Eczema

Endometriosis Estrogen dominance

Facial flushing Fatigue

Feeling of fulness Fibromyalgia

Food sensitivities Frequent urination

Gas Headaches

Heart palpitations High blood pressure

Hives Hormone imbalance like -

Itchy skin hot flashes

Itchy eyes insomnia

Migraines irritability

Muscle and joint pain Muscle twitching

Nasal congestion Nausea

Panic attacks Period cramps

Puffy eyes Rashes

Shortness of breath Sore throat

Temperature sensitivity Throat clearing

Tinnitus Watery eyes

Weak muscle tone

Well . . . if you answered "YES" to any of these "symptoms" . . .

You may have a "histamine intolerance" issue going on in the body . . . that you don't even know it.

So let's break it down to better understand . . .

First up . . . what is "histamine"???

Well . . . it's a chemical messenger that mediates cellular responses . . . and "histamine" is released in the body by our cells in response to injury and in an allergic or inflammatory reaction.

It "stimulates" gastric acid secretion, plays an important role in inflammation, dilates blood vessels, affects muscle contractions in the intestines and lungs, limits neurotransmitter action in the brain and affects our heart rate.

So as you can clearly see . . . "histamine" is pretty important to the body . . .

But . . . what happens if there's TOO MUCH "histamine" in the body???

Well . . . a good example would be this . . .

Let's say you get stung by a bee . . . well . . . the body's immune system sends out "inflammation" to the injured area . . . this is when the sting area would get "red" . . .

This "inflammatory" response is calling out to the immune system saying "mayday, mayday" . . . the bite is over here. The immune system then sends out "histamine".

This is when the bite swells with clear liquid to help heal the wound.

That's how it's supposed to work . . . but . . . if you have too much "histamine" released . . .

You now end up with an "allergic reaction" to that sting that could become deadly.

So what does "histamine" have to do with all the ailments I've listed above???

Well . . . tomorrow we'll discover the answer to that question.

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