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What "really" causes "Acid reflux"?

Okay . . . so this is what we know!

After food passes through the esophagus into the stomach, a muscular valve called the "lower esophageal sphincter" (LES) closes. This prevents food or acid in the stomach from moving back up the esophagus. That's how the body is supposed to work.

Now . . . when the LES relaxes when it's not supposed to . . . it allows acid from the stomach to move back up the esophagus giving us "acid reflux".

But, it's important to understand that acid reflux is "not" a disease caused by excessive acid "production" in the stomach as we're led to believe.. BUT rather a symptom of a bacterial overgrowth infection.

Remember we spoke about how a bacterial overgrowth can affect the pancreas and the hormone insulin negatively causing "diabetes"? Well . . . this same bacteria or the bacteria called H. pylori we spoke of in a previous Health tip . . . can also cause "acid reflux" . . . . and this is how!

First . . . let's understand the stomach. The pH (that's potential Hydrogen) of gastric acid is 1.5 to 3.5 on the pH standard scale of 0 - 14. (We spoke of this scale in a previous Health Tip) So as you can see . . . stomach acid is very "low" on this scale. Meaning "0" is the most acidic and "14" is the most alkaline, with "7" being neutral. This "low" number meaning a "high" acidic level "intensity" is to help break down, digest and absorb nutrients. It also eliminates bacteria, parasites and viruses in the stomach protecting us from infection.

Okay . . . so if you're wondering with this acid being so "intense", why it doesn't eat our stomach lining up . . . well, the body also secretes a mucus coating that protect the lining of the stomach from damage. However, not the esophagus.

Now . . . "acid reflux" is NOT caused by TOO much stomach acid. This is where conventional medicine has it wrong!!!!

You see what really happens is this . . .

Due to our Western diet, environmental toxins, social behavior, stress and the medications we take . . . this all weakens our "immune system" allowing the "good" and "bad" ratio of bacteria in our body to become unbalanced. Therefore, allowing the 'bad" to take control. When this happens the level of stomach acidity "DECREASES" in intensity not "increases"! Which allows the "bad" bacteria to set up housekeeping in our stomach and the LES we spoke of above because the stomach acid can no longer fight off the "bad" bacteria.

Now you have stomach acid that's too low in "intensity" not scale "number" and can't kill the "bad" bacteria that is making the LES relax and infected, which is allowing the acid in the stomach to escape back up the esophagus. And now you have "acid reflux"!

And if you don't think I'm correct . . . think about this . . . if this stomach acid was at full strength like it should be in a healthy stomach . . . you wouldn't be able to survive the acidity of it in the esophagus. Remember the stomach has to have a mucus buffer on the lining so the acid won't eat a hole in the stomach. The acid you feel up your esophagus is a "low" level of "intensity" acidity.

Okay . . . now conventional medicine steps in . . . when we have acid reflux . . . what does the doctor prescribe or what to you go to the store to get for some relief????


So tomorrow we'll explore what antacids actually do to our body.

If you'd like to set up a consultation for more information, feel free to contact me here.

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