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What's the difference between "Endogenous" and "Exogenous" Ketones?

Simply put . . . "endogenous" ketones are a value within the body . . . meaning naturally made.

Whereas . . . "exogenous" ketones are a value that comes from outside of the body's natural function. As in a supplement form.

What this means is this . . . when the body is burning its own fat . . . the liver converts this process in part into "ketones". These are "endogenous" ketones", a natural reaction of the body when you eliminate carbohydrates from the diet.

Whereas . . . "exogenous" ketones are created by taking supplements. And these supplements are trying to mimic a natural bodily function.

Now . . . a "Keto" diet is really nothing new . . . It's more of an advertising thing rather than a new discovery. This type of dieting is really just the "Cave-man" diet or even the "Atkins" diet. High fat . . . low carbs!

And if you're still unclear about what a "ketone" actually is . . . maybe this will help.

"Ketones" are chemicals that the liver makes. And the body produces them when you don't have enough "insulin" in the body to turn sugar (glucose) into energy. The body then needs another source of fuel . . . so the body uses its fat instead. The body turns this fat into "ketones" which are then used for fuel . . .

Now listen up . . . because this is an important part . . . "ketones" are a type of "acid" that is sent into the bloodstream and urine.

So it's best to test your urine for "ketone levels" regularly to keep a good balance.

Why you ask???

Well . . . high "ketone" levels in the blood and urine may indicate "diabetic ketoacidosis". Which is an "acidic" condition. We've spoken many times in previous Health tip about how important it is to keep the body "out" of an acidic state for optimal health.

And unfortunately . . . according to the new research published in the Obesity Biology and Integrated Physiology . . . a "ketogenic" diet increases acidity, cholesterol and inflammatory markers associated with chronic disease.

So the question for today is this . . . what kind of "ketogenic" diet is best???

"Endogenous" or "Exogenous"?

Well . . . the answer to that would be . . .

"Endogenous" . . . the natural function of a "ketogenic diet".

Tomorrow we'll explore the reasons that an "exogenous" supplementation may not be the answer to optimal health.

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