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What's the missing element to a "good" night's sleep?

So today we'll finish this topic with a way to help relieve a night of our "heart" and/or "mind" racing.

Okay . . . so the other day we spoke about a malfunctioning "liver" being the reason we have problems sleeping.

Meaning . . . "not" able to flush out toxins and a "bad" bacterial overgrowth.

Well . . . one of my favorite little spices can help that process to get you some well needed sleep.

And that would be the spice called . . . "ginger"

You see . . . "ginger root" contains powerful compounds like "gingerols" and "shogaols" which help "inhibit" inflammation and protect against cellular damage.

And this all supports the "liver".

Now . . . I've spoken about the healing benefits of "ginger" many times before . . .

And this is just one more of its "medicinal" wonders.

"Ginger" is an excellent "anti-bacterial" and "antifungal" that has the ability to get rid of a "bad" bacterial overgrowth infection lurking deep within us.

Right there . . . we're ahead of the game . . . because as I stated a few days ago . . . "bad" bacteria "debilitates" the "liver" and without the "liver" functioning properly . . . we will experience "heart palpitations" and a "racing mind" at night.