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What's your temperature gauge in the summer?

So the question for today is this . . . are you a summer "heat" lover or hater?

Well . . . yesterday we spoke of the importance of "potassium".

And today . . . we'll discover "potassium's" function in the summer heat.

So let's break it down to better understand . . .

The body's temperature gauge is supported by 2 systems . . .

The hypothalamus . . . which is a small portion of the brain that serves as the "command" center for numerous bodily functions like body temperature.

The skin . . . offers us "sweat glands" and "blood vessels" that are the body's venting, condensing and heat duct system, which controls the body's heating and cooling ability.

Now . . . as we've spoken in previous Health tips . . . sweating is a "good" thing.

Sweating is a natural and essential body process designed to help the body stay cool.

And as the body's temperature rises . . . it will automatically perspire to release salty liquid from the sweat glands to help cool us down.

Okay . . . so that's the good part . . . but . . . when we do sweat . . . we also lose water and electrolytes from the body, which must be replenished . . . or our temperature gauge will not function properly and we will become overheated.

So what are some of the minerals that help keep our temperature gauge regulated correctly???