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What "Triggers" a "Histamine" Release in the Body?

So today . . . let's continue to discuss "histamine" and what it can do to the body.

So are you still wondering what "all" those symptoms I listed yesterday have to do with "histamine"???

Well actually . . . there's even more like . . . IBS, Crohn's disease, colitis, SIBO, leaky gut and even GI bleeding.

So next question . . . what "triggers" a histamine release???

Well . . . "histamine" is released from cells in response to an "antibody called "immunoglobulin E" (IgE). And this "antibody" can be secreted in response to an invading pathogen such as a virus, "bacteria" . . . or an allergenic substance such as "pollen".

Now . . . remember how I'm always talking about our "good" to "bad" bacterial ratio being out of whack due to this Western diet we love so much . . . and how "bad" bacteria takes over our body and our health???

Well . . . this "overgrowth" of "bad" bacteria in our body "converts" into "high" levels of "histamine".

Why you ask???

Well . . . simply put . . . the body and its "immune system" are trying to GET RID of the "bad" bacteria. So it "floods" the body with "inflammation" and "histamine" to do that

Remember yesterday . . . I gave the example of the "bee sting". This is the body's finely tuned "mechanics" to help "heal" us.

And with this . . . we need a specific "enzyme" to "CONTROL" the overload of "histamine" presented to the body.

And "IF" we are "deficient" in this "enzyme" . . . we can now become "histamine toxic".

And all the "symptoms" we spoke of yesterday and today . . . can "now" come into play.

Okay . . . so conventional medicine says . . . when this happens to the body . . . we need to take an "anti-histamine" to "STOP" this overload of "histamine" release in the body . . .

But . . . taking a conventional "antihistamine" can result in . . . drowsiness, dry mouth and eyes, blurred or double vision, dizziness and headaches, low blood pressure, mucous thickening in the airways, rapid heart rate, difficulty urinating and even constipation.

To me . . . these side effects of taking conventional "antihistamine" sounds just as bad as the list of symptoms we spoke of.

So what about "natural" antihistamines???

Well . . . that would be elements like . . . stinging nettle, vitamin C, quercetin, bromelain and "probiotics" . . . which are a whole bunch safer and with less side effects

But . . . this is still just a "band-aid" on this issue so to speak . . . "antihistamines" aren't actually fixing the problem.

An "overproduction" of "histamine" in the body . . . or what's called "histamine intolerance" . . . is really about the specific enzyme called "diamine oxidase" (DAO)

So tomorrow . . . let's continue with what can trigger "histamine intolerance" and then discover the possibilities of this enzyme giving us some relief.

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