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Where does the time go?

Hi everyone . . . hope to find you all healthy and safe . . .

So the question for today is this . . . "Where the heck . . . did time go"?

My last Health Awareness Tip was on July 31st and I told you I'd be back in September.

Well . . . that was the plan . . .

But, September turned out to be an exciting, but overwhelming month here on the farm. Lot's of new arrivals and new additions. I just love all the babies here.

But it's kept me very, very busy . . . and I really don't know how October and the beauty of fall is already upon us.

Where did time go?

But I'm back . . . to share some eye opening information with the world.

So first . . . how have you all been?

Are you excited for fall, the cool weather and the turning of the leaves?

Or are you thinking about . . . how you're going to lose the extra pounds from this summer . . . before the holiday's and its overeating begins?

Well . . . maybe I can help.

Let's take the month of October and figure it out . . . because as we know . . . Halloween and CANDY are already on the shelves at your favorite stores.

Just CALLING out your NAME!!!!!!

So I'm glad to be back and I look forward to some interesting conversation with you.

As always, feel free to DM or contact me at

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