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Why are we addicted to "FOOD"?

Okay people . . . time to listen up . . .

You are about to learn and understand one of the main reasons why it's so hard to lose weight!

When we try to diet . . . any diet . . . we cut calories, take pills and/or exercise ourselves to death to accomplish the mission of losing a few pounds.

But . . . as I stated the other day . . . dieting isn't about willpower, exercising or pills . . .

It's about the mechanics of the human body and correcting the body's "internal dialogue".

So let me ask you this . . .

How many times have you told yourself . . . I'm going to start my diet on Monday. I'll have a fresh state of mind, it's the beginning of the week and I have nothing going on that I'll have to cheat for??? This list we tell ourselves when starting a diet, goes on and on.

Now . . . we "all" have good intentions of being able to complete that first week with our new diet.

But . . . most of us don't even get through the first day . . .

So why is that????

It's not for lack of trying . . .

So why do we fail???

Is it just too hard??? . . . do we have the wrong diet???

Or are there hidden elements in the brain that control the outcome of our efforts???

Well . . . this is the deal . . .

There are 2 chemicals in the brain called "dopamine" and "endorphin". And these chemical regular "how" we "think" and "how" the body "acts".

Let me explain . . .

We all know about overeating . . .

Well . . . when we eat sugary, fatty foods that we love . . . it stimulates "endorphin".

Now . . . "endorphin" is a chemical in the brain that signals a "pleasurable experience". Which stimulates us to eat more of that "guilty" type of food.

"Endorphin" triggers a "positive" feeling in the body similar to that of "morphine".

So right there . . . we don't have a chance in "H___" of stopping the desire to eat more "guilty" food than the body needs or can burn off.

"Endorphin" works the same for our "pain". If we have an adequate supply in the brain . . . it has the same stimulating effect and reduces what we feel. This is the person with a higher tolerance for pain.

But . . . if you're a person that is in a lot of pain . . . you are most likely a person that overeats also and has a unbalanced level of "endorphin".

Okay . . . now the other chemical in the brain is called "dopamine".

This chemical "motivates" us to pursue more of the "guilty pleasure" food and consistently pulls us back to it. If this chemical is malfunctioning . . . again . . . we don't have a chance of not overeating and losing weight. Our diet efforts are doomed!

At this point . . . this action from inadequate levels of "dopamine" . . . now becomes a "habit".

And if that wasn't bad enough . . .

When this does happen . . . this "guilty" food "isn't" so exciting to the body anymore . . .

And we try to find another food source that's higher in sugar and fat to recover that "thrill".

So it's a viscous cycle that we can't get out of.

Now we're overeating all the time and weight becomes an issue.

This is why . . . we don't have a chance in H___ of accomplishing our mission of dieting if we don't correct these chemical first.

Okay . . . so let's learn a little more about the chemical "dopamine".

"Dopamine" regulates love, lust, adultery, motivation, attention and "ADDICTIONS" such as gambling, alcoholism, smoking, sex life and FOOD.

So you can clearly see . . . dieting is not about willpower, exercising yourself to oblivia or cutting calories.

Dieting is about correcting the body's "internal dialogue"!

Tomorrow we'll continue our talk.

As always, feel free to contact me here

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