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"Why Do They Put That Pretty Little Piece Of Garnish On My Plate?"

Miracle Meadows has the answer!

Is Garnish just for looks . . . or could it be good for you too?

Garnish is an item or substance used as a decoration or embellishment accompanying a prepared food dish or drink. And one of the most used garnishes is "Parsley."

Well . . . it not only looks pretty . . . it's actually something you need to eat after that delicious meal. Why? Because it's filled with vitamin A, B, C, K, iron and potassium.

Parsley's benefits are this:

1. Reduces water retention and bloating (edema) while balancing blood sugar

2. Reduces cancer risks - it contains a high level of a flavonoids called apigenin, which has anti-cancer properties, powerful anti-inflammatories and antioxidants

3. Improves immune function - by suppressing an over-stimulated immune response which fights against allergies, auto-immune and chronic inflammatory disorders.

4. Fights disease - it's an excellent source of vitamin C which neutralizes free radicals which helps to prevent and fight atherosclerosis, diabetes, colon cancer and asthma to mention a few.

5. Protect blood vessels - parsley is high in folic acid, which can help prevent the risk of heart attack and stroke.

6. Supports bone health - it's high in vitamin K, which is essential for bone strength and health

7. Protects the eyes - it have specific antioxidants that protect eye vision.

Those are just a few of Parsley's wonderful benefits. So, maybe we need to think twice about that pretty little garnish on our plate.

If you'd like more information on herbs, click here.

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