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Why do we feel the need for "acceptance"?

George Orwell once said . . . "Happiness can "only" exist in "Acceptance"!

So my question for today is this . . . Is the reason so many are unhappy with life today because they haven't truly "accepted" themselves first?

You see . . . "true acceptance" is the ability to unconditionally "value" all parts of who you are! Whether it be the good in us or the parts that need repair.

So what is this "acceptance" that the human race so longs for?

Unfortunately, we look for this approval from others because we feel they will make us whole. And therefore, allow us to feel at peace in our lives. But is that really the answer?

Acceptance from others is only a short term fix. We feel in that moment an accomplishment. We feel happy someone likes us or likes what we've done. But when that moment passes . . . as moments do . . .

We are left "still" feeling the need for this "acceptance"!

As I watch the news of today and see what this great country is going through . . .

All I see are people looking for this feeling of "acceptance" . . . BUT . . . in all the wrong places.

Some protest looking for "acceptance". Some speak of color looking for "acceptance". Some seek financial gain for "acceptance". And some reach for power to feel their "acceptance".

So why can't people of today accomplish their mission of this feeling?

Simply said . . . they haven't "truly accepted" themselves first