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Why do we get "CANCER"!!!!!

Okay PEOPLE . . . today's Health tip may be the most important information you will ever read.

I've spoken about this many, many times before . . . but I'll explain it one more time . . . because "CANCER" is aggressive . . . it has a mind of its own . . . it's the "alien" deep within us that is controlling us . . . and we are just a "host" for its "existence".

So the question for today is this . . . why do we get "CANCER"???

Please listen carefully . . . because the answer is really very simple if we understand the "mechanics" of the human body.

When we grow up taking conventional "antibiotics", steroids, birth control pills, smoke, drink alcohol and consume a high "sugar" and "complex carbohydrate" diet . . . and then add to that the stress in our lives . . . our immune system becomes compromised.

And with this . . . our "good" to "bad" ratio of bacteria in the body becomes "unbalanced".

Now . . . when this happens . . . "bad" bacteria overrides "good" bacteria . . . and 2 things occur.

First . . . this "bad" bacteria produces a toxin called "ethanol" so it can "reproduce" and keep its army of destruction fully intact . . .

And second . . . when the body sends out "inflammation" to get rid of this "bad" bacterial overgrowth . . . and the "bad" bacteria dies . . . . this "bad" bacteria releases even more "ethanol" to feed the "bad" bacteria that's still alive . . . so it can reproduce and stay strong.

This is called . . . survival of the fittest for "bad" bacteria.

And if that's not bad enough . . . "ethanol" KILLS our "GOOD" bacteria and serves as a fertilizer for "bad" bacteria . . . that makes it grow fast and out of control.

So this "ethanol" I speak of . . . is what makes "bad" bacteria in the body SOOOOO dangerous to our health.

And when the liver tries so desperately to eliminate these toxins . . . and can't because it's overloaded with "ethanol" . . . the liver stores it for later . . . where you ask???


Okay . . . so what part does "ethanol" play in "cancer"???

Well . . . "ethanol" destroys our "enzymes" . . . remember we just spoke about "digestive enzymes" and our lack there of . . .

Well . . . "ethanol" impairs the body's ability to "break down" and "absorb" these enzymes and nutrients . . .

Now . . . "ethanol" stops the absorption of "iron" in the body . . . and "iron" is the most important "oxygen" support in the blood.

And without ample support . . . disease and obesity will surely occur.

So if you remember nothing else I've told you . . . please remember this . . .

"Disease" of any kind and "CANCER" . . . can ONLY LIVE and OCCUR in an "OXYGEN DEPRIVED" environment.

And that's what "ETHANOL" does to the body. It deprives our cells of "OXYGEN"!

Now . . . add to that . . . this process of not absorbing enzymes . . . which causes an increase in the blood level of "estrogen". And as we know . . . "estrogen" has been linked to "breast cancer" and "ovarian cancer".

And guess what???

The longer a woman is exposed to "estrogen" . . . the higher the risk for "ovarian cancer".

Now . . . since high levels of "estrogen" are present only during the childbearing years, the longer a woman menstruates . . . the higher her risk of getting breast cancer or ovarian cancer is . . . later life.

So let me ask you this . . . are you taking "estrogen" for menopause???

Because studies show . . . that taking "estrogen" for menopause can also increase the risk of developing "ovarian cancer".

You see . . . "estrogen" acts through the "estrogen receptors" . . . a protein on the surface of cells that "binds estrogen" to ovarian, breast and other cells in the body.

So we "MUST" change this event of "ETHANOL" in the body . . . "IF" we want our body to be the defense system it "SHOULD" be to a "mutated" DNA cell that turn cancerous.

We need to help our cells live in an "OXYGEN RICH" environment for optimal health.

So tomorrow, let's talk about "ovarian cancer" to better understand.

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