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Farm Fresh Eggs and Pork for Sale

Good morning

If you're out and about on this beautiful fall day in Connecticut . . .

And you want to purchase some (clean) healthy food

Stop by and grab some farm fresh "Cage-free" eggs

Medium size - $3.00 per dozen

Large size - $4.00 per dozen

Jumbo size - $5.00 per dozen ( and I mean JUMBO - we have the largest eggs in the area)

We also sell USDA pork . . . raised right here at the farm . . .

Breakfast sausage

Hot or sweet sausage

Pork chops

Pork roasts

Ground pork

Ham steaks

And bacon

So don't miss out . . . stop by today at 40 Seckar Rd, Willington, Ct . . .

Our frig and freezers are always full.

Hope you have a safe and "mindful" day.

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