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"Happy Easter"

Happy Easter to "all" my Facebook family and friends

So these are some of the cupcakes I made for the kids to celebrate this "blessed" holiday.

Now . . . as we all know . . . "Easter" . . . is a day that honors the "Resurrection" of "Jesus" . . . 3 days after His "death by crucifixion".

But . . . many of the traditions we see today . . . have little to do with the "true" history of "Easter"

So what about the "Easter egg"???

How did that tradition start???

And is it a "true" tradition???

Well . . . the use of painted and decorated "Easter" eggs was first recorded in the 13th century

So how did this tradition start???

Well . . . the Church "prohibited" the eating of eggs during "Holy Week" . . . but the chickens continued to lay their eggs during that week . . .

And with this . . . the Church "identified" those eggs as . . . "Holy Week Eggs" . . . and this is how the tradition was born to "decorate" Easter eggs.

You see . . . the "egg" itself . . . then became a "symbol" of the Resurrection".

Just as "Jesus" rose from the tomb . . . the "egg" symbolizes . . . "new" life emerging from the eggshell.

So I hope you enjoy and celebrate the true meaning of this day with family and friends.

See you tomorrow

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