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It's "Mindful" Monday

So today let's talk about the "Mindfulness" of "Gratitude" . . .

You see . . . this weekend . . . I had the "pleasure" of doing a "Health Seminar" for some very lovely people.

We spoke about . . . "why" we become overweight, ill and diseased in the first place . . .

And "why" . . . and "how" PATTERN EATING . . . can help to correct the body's "Internal Dialogue" for optimal health.

We spoke about the "bad" bacteria that lurks deep with in us due to this Western diet we love so much . . . and with this . . . it causing all our ailments . . .

We also spoke about the importance of our "Lymphatic System" for flushing out "fat" and "toxins" from the body.

I was so "grateful" to have a group of people that were so willing to learn about the "mechanics" of the human body and correcting it with "Pattern Eating"

They all warmed by heart as we had fun learning about the functions of the human body and natural ways to keep it young.

We even had a good laugh when I told them how to use a towel correctly after taking a shower or bath . . . because believe it or not . . . we're all doing it wrong.

So how does "gratitude" and "mindfulness" connect together???

Well . . . "gratitude" allows us to "notice" our "blessing" and "create" balance from life's difficulties . . .

And "mindfulness" helps us handle tough times with grace, acceptance and surrender . . .

And with this . . . together . . . they nurture our "higher self" . . . and "self-awareness"

And with "self-awareness" . . . this allows us to recognize the effect "we" have on "others".

Which helped "me" . . . help the people in my seminar.

So how do we "practice" more "gratitude"???

Well . . . that would be by . . .

Taking time to use our "mindful" senses to "notice" what's around us in that moment in time.

Practice "gratitude" for the little things . . . not just the big.

Share your "gratitude" for your loved ones.

And spread your "gratitude" with the world.

So thank you to all that attended . . . it was my pleasure to help guide you with your journey to better health and eating. (Follow up seminar will be in 60 days)

I am truly "grateful" for your time and attention.

This week we'll be talking about the "gallbladder"

As always, feel free to DM or contact me at:

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