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Who's got "Toenail" Fungus?

Okay . . . first question for today is this . . .

Who has "toenail" fungus and what's it "really" all about???

Well . . . "nail fungus" (and it could be on the toes or fingers) . . . is a "common" condition that begins as a white or yellow spot under the tip of the nail. And as this "fungal" infection grows deeper . . . it can cause discoloration, thickening and/or crumbling at the edges of the nail.

And oddly enough . . . it can affect one nail or several nails.

Now . . . this "nail fungus" is actually called "onychomycosis" . . .

And "fungal nail infections" are caused by a variety of "fungal organisms" (fungi) . . . with the most common type being "dermatophyte". Which is nothing other than "yeast" and "mold".

So now you ask . . . how does someone get "toenail fungus"???

Well . . . it most commonly develops as we age . . . and this is due to the older that we get . . . our nails becoming more brittle and dry (due to dehydration of the body) . . . resulting in cracked nails that now "allow fungi to enter".

Our "toenails" and "fingernails" also grow slower as we age . . . and with this . . . the nails thicken because the nail cells pile up.

With other factors being . . . reduced blood circulation to the feet and a weakened immune system.

But when we're younger . . . the cause is most commonly an "athlete's foot fungal infection" that has gotten under the toenail.

So what happens if "toenail" fungus is left "untreated"???