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My Cancer, My Cure

My Cancer, My Cure

This book is a journey about a body that was in distress. I was diagnosed with a terminal blood cancer in 2009. With a sentence of no hope from conventional medicine, I chose an alternative route to try and heal. I know that might sound crazy to most, but I'm one of those "out of the box thinker." And to me science may not have been looking in the right place. Shortly after being diagnosed with cancer, I decided to take matters into my own hands and spent the next four years doing nothing but researching the mechanics of the human body, cancers, and illness of all kinds. All while playing human guinea pig on myself trying to figure this mess out. After four years of trial and error, I had discovered there are 2 key elements that are the "root" cause to all of our pain and suffering. Eliminate those two elements from the body, replace the amino acids, enzymes and cultures that the body is missing . . . and the human body now has the ability to heal itself naturally as it was designed to do. I'm living proof of that. I had discovered a way to control and conquer my terminal cancer without chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or drugs of any kinds. So come follow my journey and find your healing. 


    This is a must read book if you're looking to control and conquer any illness or disease.


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