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"Healthy Hair"

"Healthy Hair"

In this tutorial, I'll talk about what causes "unhealthy hair" . . . the structure of "hair" . . . why conventional medicine and the media have missed the mark for "healthy hair" and growing it back . . . what amino acids and digestive enzymes the body is "LACKING" . . . therefore, producing "HAIR LOSS" . . . the effect "testosterone" and "DHT" have on "Pattern Baldness" and "hair loss" in both men and women . . . how to properly wash our "hair" and what "shampoo" to use . . . how often should we "cut" our hair for "healthy growth" . . . how often should we color or highlight our "hair" . . . why our "hair" turns "gray . . . how to naturally reverse the process of "graying hair" . . . what "OIL" helps with all the above . . . And what supplements, shampoo, conditioner and oil "I"use.


It's "all" really very simple . . .


And this information will save you tons of money on all those "products" we buy trying to make our "hair" healthy, thicker . . . or even grow back. So download your "Healthy Hair" tutorial today.

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