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"Polyps" part 2

Yesterday we spoke about what a "polyp" is and briefly about how we get them.

So today . . . let's explore the possibilities on how to prevent them and possibly heal them.

Okay . . . as I stated . . . when the body becomes "too acidic" due to our Western diet . . .

this depletes the amount of oxygen in our body and cells.

And as cells become more acidic and oxygen "deprived" . . . this lack of oxygen "harms" the cell's DNA and respiratory enzymes. Resulting in a "mutation".

And BOOM . . . the body now has the ability to form an abnormal cell and potential "polyp".

And as we've spoken in previous Health tips . . .This acidity also causes inflammation, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain and other chronic conditions.

Now, remember the other day when we spoke about "colitis"??? . . .

Well . . . "polyps" can also be a concern due to colitis. Inflammatory bowel diseases increase the risk of polyps and colon cancer.

So how do we help our body from becoming too acidic???

Well . . . first and foremost . . . eating fiber-rich vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and beans or fruits such as raisins, bananas, and apples are good choices for filling the body with oxygen. This in turn, will neutralize the acidity. Also limiting your red meat, processed meat and high fat foods will help to re-oxygenate the body.

Another element to correcting an acidic body is . . . "vitamin D3"

You see . . . when the body is deficient in "vitamin D" . . . it can cause oxidation-induced damage to DNA which as we now know can cause "cell mutation".

And with this . . . several studies state increasing "vitamin D3" lowers colon cancer incidences, reduces "polyp" recurrence and that sufficient levels of "vitamin D3" are associated with better overall survival of colon cancer patients.

Another element to help protecting our DNA to prevent "polyps" is . . . "magnesium".

Why??? . . . because" magnesium" also oxygenates the body. And one of the most important roles of "magnesium" is to help build endurance by increasing the body's oxygen capacity.

Maintaining a healthy "calcium" to "magnesium" ratio is so important to optimal health.

You see . . . "calcium" has been found to yield "protective" effects against "polyps" in the presence of "magnesium". So keeping both minerals in a perfect proportion can better help prevent the development of "polyps".

Now . . . "magnesium" also assists in the activation of "vitamin D"

So you can clearly see . . . just how important it is to maintain all 3 of these element and a healthy diet to prevent a DNA change, the growth of "polyps" and possible cancer.

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