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Time to overeat again!

Thanksgiving is coming soon with all its yummy calories. So how do we survive???

Well . . . I thought today we'd talk about some ways to have all the yumminess without the gilt.

So let's pick a food . . . what's your favorite Thanksgiving food???

Well . . . if you're like most Americans . . . mashed potatoes would be your favorite.

And rightly so . . . mashed potatoes are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. They're also linked to improving blood sugar control, reducing heart disease and higher immunity.

In fact . . . the starch in potatoes are actually a good source of nutrition for our "good" gut bacteria. Go figure!!!

The starch in potatoes becomes resistant starch when cooled and that makes it a PREbiotics, meaning it can nourish our "good" bacteria in the gut.

And they've been linked to reducing inflammation in the colon, improving colon defense and lowering the risk of colorectal cancer.

And best yet . . . potatoes are "fat free". BUT . . . .

What is the potatoes little secret???

Well . . . even though potatoes are very nutritionally sound . . . they have a hidden side.

Potatoes contain very high "lectins" (we've spoken of them many times before) and remember "lectins" are the "silent destroyers" and "miscommunicators" of the body.

So if your immune system is compromised and you are lacking ample "good" bacteria . . . the body can not eliminate these lectins . . . therefore . . . the lectins becomes toxic to the body and WILL NOT allow the body to utilized all the good nutritional value of the potato.

Okay . . . so how do we get around this?

Well . . . that would be with "sweet" potatoes. They have all the same nutrients as white potatoes with an added incredibly high amount of vitamin A.

And why you ask are sweet potatoes better than white potatoes???

Well . . . that would be the fact that they are very low in "lectins". So you actually get all the nutritional value of that potato as you so rightly deserve.

When eating any other kind of potato . . . if you don't have ample "good" bacteria in the body . . . lectins rob the nutrients that are supposed to go to you. This food now just becomes empty extra calories.

So choose your potatoes wisely.

Now . . . what about "stuffing"??? That's one of America's favorites also.

Well . . . stuffing is made with onions, celery, parsley, rosemary, sage, butter, broth and bread.

Okay . . . so we're good with everything but the butter and bread. So how do we make them compliant???

As we know . . . bread and butter are two big offender if you're watching your weight.

Well . . . for the butter . . . replace it with unrefined coconut oil. And the bread . . . use a gluten free bread. And with this you will be removing the harmful saturated fats and lessening your lectins.

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