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Where to find "compliant" Trace Minerals"

Okay . . . so we just spent the past few days learning about the importance of "Selenium", "Copper", "Zinc" and the converter . . . "Molybdenum".

So today . . . I thought I'd give you some important information on a "compliant" trace mineral supplement.

As I've stated many times before . . . the majority of the supplements on the market today, whether you purchase them from your favorite store or online . . . are filled with other ingredients that are not looking out for our better health.

And these other ingredients contain anything from wood pulp for anti-caking agents, to stones for bulk, hidden sugars and chemicals that are known "carcinogens".

And guess what??? The FDA allows these dangers in the supplements we consume because . . . get this . . . it's just in small amounts.

And unless you know what you're looking for . . . we as unsuspecting consumers, purchase these supplements thinking we're doing the right thing.

But in actuality . . . everyday . . . little by little . . . we're compromising our health and immune system with elements the body isn't supposed to consume.

I don't know about you . . . but last time I checked . . . it wasn't okay to eat wood, stone, cotton, GMO crops and chemical carcinogens.

And every time I confront one of these products and their distributor . . . to ask the question . . . HOW CAN YOU KNOWINGLY PUT THESE ELEMENTS IN YOUR PRODUCTS???

The answer is this . . . IT'S ONLY A TINY BIT, SO IT'S OKAY!!!

So let's think about this . . . If you take 5 or so supplements per day that contain say . . . wood pulp . . .

And you take them 7 days a week.

You would be consuming that "wood pulp" 35 time that week. And if the body and liver can't metabolism and eliminate this "wood pulp", it would build up and pretty soon you would be consuming enough wood pulp to rebuild a whole dang tree.

And what about the known carcinogens in these produces . . . same goes for them.

We unknowingly are adding to our susceptibility of getting cancer!!!!

So if you're in need of a "compliant" safe "trace mineral" supplement . . .

Just click here, put it in your cart and purchase right from that site.

Next up . . . my "GETTING IN SHAPE" series.

As always, feel free to contact me here

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