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Are "Black lines" bad?

Good morning people . . . I hope you all had a great weekend.

So listen up . . . because I can't say this enough . . .

OUR BODY IS ALWAYS TALKING TO US . . . AND WE NEED TO START LISTENING TO IT . . . because it's trying to give us signs of possible "HEALTH" issues!!!

Now . . . I know we've all heard about "toenail" and "fingernail" fungal infections before.

But what about if we have "black lines" in our nails . . .

Is this good or bad???

Okay . . . so let's figure that out . . .

A "narrow" black line that has formed "vertically" underneath the nail is called a "splinter hemorrhage" . . . and can occur for a variety of reasons. This may be "harmless" . . . or a sign of a more serious health condition.

It will be black or reddish brown in color, doesn't change appearance when you apply pressure to the nail and appears on one or more places under the nail.

Okay . . . so with that being said . . . "vertical black lines" on the nails can be a result of many different conditions.

So let's explore the possibilities . . .

"Trauma" - is one of the most common causes of "splinter hemorrhages" . . . and this can

occur when the nail bed has been hurt and blood vessels burst under the nail.