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Eye - Boogers???

So today . . . I thought I'd answer a question that my grandson had for me . . .

And that was . . . Mimi . . . What are eye-boogers and how do we get them???

Well . . . let's do a little exploring to find that answer for my Sweetie!

The official name for eye-boogers is "Rheum" and it's a very common reaction from the eyes.

Now . . . whether we call dried rheum . . . . "eye mucus", " sleep-seeds", "sleepy buds", sleepy sand", "sleepies", Sleep dust", "sleepy dirt", "sleepers", "eye discharge", "eye goop" or just plain "eye boogers" . . .

Rheum . . . is just a build-up and collection of cells, mucus, oil and debris from the tears that form at the corners of our eyes during sleep. And this is a very natural reaction.

So why does this happen at night???

Well . . . during the day, each time we blink . . . the eyes flush away the secretions of cells, mucus, oil and debris that have been produced.

But at night . . . when we're not blinking . . . this debris has a tendency to build up in the corner of our eyes.

Now . . . most eye-boogers are a sign that the eye is healthy because it has the ability to get rid of the dirt and debris it has collected.

Another reason could be due to not removing all the makeup we have used before we go to sleep for the night.

So now . . . let's talk about what different colors eye-boogers can come in and what it means.