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How "Hunger" can determine "Reality"

It was once said . . . We see the world, not as it is . . . but as we "are"!

What a profound statement that is . . .

But what does it mean???

Well . . . another reason our "perception" of "reality" can be clouded . . . is whether we're "hungry" or "not" . . .

You see . . . as I stated yesterday . . . our body's "energy" levels impact decision-making. And this is why children who eat breakfast do better in school and have fewer behavioral problems.

When we're naturally hungry before a meal or when we're on a diet restricting our caloric intake . . . "hunger" delays development on the cognitive, social or emotional levels. Which includes everything from reading, attention, memory and problem-solving.

And with this . . . "hunger" has the ability to cloud our judgement and our focus in life's situations.

This is where our "perception" is NOT even close to "reality" . . . comes into play.

So if you're in a stressful situation and need to make an informed decision that's close to the "reality" in life . . . make sure you have food in your stomach . . .

Now, that doesn't mean junk food and nutritionally void foods.

Because in this situation . . . this food can also lead to a feeling of paranoia, low self-esteem and anxiousness.

So how does "perception" of "reality" manipulate our mind in today's world???

Well . . . our "emotions" have the job of giving us a "red or green" light toward approaching or avoiding objects, people and situations . . . which shapes our "perception" accordingly.

And each individual has his or her own "perception" of "reality" due to the color of their glasses so to speak.

You see . . . reality never changes . . . and it's a fixed factor in the equation of life . . . it always holds true . . .

But what "does" change from person to person is the "perception" of that "reality" and that is always a "variable".

So how do we learn to "change" our perception to a more "grounded reality"???

Well . . . we can do simple things like . . . set goals for ourselves that are attainable, change our inner voice from "I can't" to "I can" and visualize where you want to be and write it down.

As Lolly Daskal once said . . . "You always have a choice -

You can control your mind . . . .

Or . . . You can let "it" control you".

So tomorrow . . . we dig deeper and learn how the brain really works and why we make the discussions in life that we do.

Are you where you really want to be?

Is your perception a little off?

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