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It's "Mindful" Monday

So today . . . let's talk about another one of the 5 senses for being "mindful" . . .

And that would be . . . "mindful SOUND"

So the question for today is this . . . Are we really "hearing" the "full" cope of a conversation or situation in life???

Now . . . what we hear . . . like music, laughter, children playing, conversation or even the wind in the trees . . . are all "sounds" that travel through the air to our ears.

These "sound" waves get captured in the outer ear funnel and travel down the ear canal that beats against the "tympanic membrane" as a vibration . . . which then . . . is presented to the inner ear.

At this time . . . this action sends signals to the brain . . . which in turn . . . interprets this signal as "SOUND" and what we . . . "think" . . . we hear.

But what happens if the "brain" isn't "listening"???

What are we missing in life???

What if we don't fully "hear" what the world is telling us?

Okay . . . so I'm not talking about people that have a hearing impairment.

I'm talking about . . . hearing "sounds" and understand their "real" emotion and connection.

This is where we need to practice "mindfulness"

Okay . . . so my "mindful SOUND" moment this weekend . . . was listening to my baby chicks.

You see . . . it's not just about their "chirping" noise . . . which everyone can hear . . .

"Mindful SOUND" . . . is actually about the "message" they're sending when they "chirp".

Loud, constant chirping . . . means they're "cold"

When they make a "weird" high pitched chirping noise . . . this means they feel threatened by a predator, they're too hot or they need food and water.

And when they're "happy" . . . they have a gentle, soft "peeping" chirp.

So why is "SOUND" so important???

Well . . . it can tell us about character, place and time . . . it informs us and moves us in ways "SIGHT" cannot.

So how is my "mindful SOUND" moment "relatable" to what's happening in life today???

Well . . . "sound" actually helps us to communicate with others.

It helps us understand the context of words that are spoken . . . protect us from danger . . . focuses our attention "inward" . . . or even calms and heals us.

So how can we sharpen our "listening" skills to better understand "SOUND"???

Well . . . one of the most important would be . . . maintaining "eye" contact and focus on the object in hand. This means giving your "full attention" to what you hear.

And next . . . being "open-minded" to the possibilities of that "sound".

If it's the wind in the trees you hear . . . what is it telling you??

Is there a storm coming or is it just a cool summer breeze.

And if you're listening to someone speak . . . it's not just about listening to their words . . .

It's about their tone, emotions and the connection that you feel.

You see . . . "active listening" is a pattern of listening that keeps you "engaged" with your conversation partner in a "positive" way. It's about "not" being judgmental or giving advice when they're communicating with you.

One of the biggest problems in life today is "communication" . . .

Why you ask???

Well . . . because we don't . . . "listen" to "UNDERSTAND" . . . we "listen" to "REPLY".

So take a moment in time to really "listen" to your surroundings and life . . . and practice "mindful SOUND".

Now this week . . . we'll be talking about "why we can't sleep".

So why do "you" think that is?

And P.S. This little baby chick is about 2 weeks old and 1 of the new flock of 100 I just got here at Miracle Meadows. These chickens will be ready to lay their farm fresh brown eggs in about 5 - 6 months

As always, feel free to DM or contact me at:

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