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"L" is for the "Lymphatic System" - continued

So today . . . let's continue with the first part of my "theory" to "optimal health".

First question . . . how do we accomplish this mission of getting our "lymph" moving and elimination functioning again.

Well . . . that's where movement and exercise comes into play . . . due to a "GRAVITY PULL" . . .

And "my" favorite way to get my lymphatic system moving again . . is by "rebounding" on my mini-trampoline.

Now . . . the lymphatic system is a wonderful thing . . . and believe it or not . . . it only takes "2 minutes" to completely flushing its system of waste.

That's right PEOPLE . . . only "2 minutes"!!!

So, don't you dare tell me that you don't have 2 minutes in your day to accomplish this mission to better health!!!

Alright . . . so, why isn't this system "flushing" . . . on its own you ask???

Well . . . in generations past . . . we were a lot more active and we ate healthier foods.

So, the Isaac Newton kind of "gravity" was enough for the body's elimination system to function properly.

But today . . . that no longer applies to how the human body has evolved in society.

We get up in the morning and "sit" during breakfast

If we work outside of the home . . . we "sit" in our car and drive to work

If we have a desk job . . . we "sit" for 8 hours at work

We then "sit" in our car to drive home

Then "sit" and have dinner, watch TV, play video games or scan social media.

And finally . . . we're so tired from our day . . . we just go to bed.

Not once . . . were we out plowing the field, milking the cow or feeding the chickens like our forefather did.

That . . . was when the Isaac Newton kind of "gravity" was enough to eliminate toxins and waste from the body.

Now, add to today's lifestyle situation . . . this Western diet and many of us being "CONSTIPATED" due to our eating habits . . ..

And . . . BOOM . . . we have a "stagnant" lymphatic system.

And by the way . . . if you are "constipated" . . . you already HAVE a stagnant lymphatic system.

So, tomorrow . . . let's continue and talk about rebounding and other way to "decongest" this important system.

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